Talk With Real Power People

Talk With Real Power People

Curious about the construction industry? Want to know more about working at Power? Whether you’re just starting out in the field or are seeking the next challenge in your career, our people are available to share their experiences with you.

Explore the employee profiles below, and then contact them personally with any questions. They’d love to hear from you. 

Charlie Bohm

Project Manager

Mike Conlon

Senior Project Manager

Luke Daugherty

Assistant Superintendent

Neal Deiters

Assistant Superintendent

Tim Giegerich

Project Executive

Brian Hampel

Assistant Superintendent

Theresa Jocic

Sr. Project Accountant

Calvin Klarkowski

Project Manager

Haley Kraus

Sr. Career Coordinator

Eloy Lozano

Sr. Site Safety Coordinator /Labor Foreman

Mark Lumia

Preconstruction Executive

Eugene Mason III


Ben Meints


Haley Phillips

Assistant Project Manager

Jeff Thomas

Senior Project Manager

Dennis Thurow

Project Engineer

Grant Wingle


Jack Viverito

Project Engineer
Haley Phillips
Assistant Project Manager x
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Beyond Power

I enjoy running, tennis and traveling.
Washington University-St. Louis '13 | Joined Power in 2014

How I started in construction: I originally wanted to become an architect; however, when I returned to school for my Masters in Architecture, I decided to pursue a Masters in Construction as well.  I had a construction internship in St. Louis and loved the idea being involved in the building construction process.

Best career advice ever received: Pursue what you love.  Take risks and don't look back.

Why construction?  Being able to witness the construction process on a jobsite every day is an amazing experience.  Watching the building you work on transform is truly an incredible opportunity. The fast pace, challenging, and interesting atmosphere ensures every day will be non-stop action filled!  

Best thing about living in Chicago:  The waterfront, lakefront path, and Lincoln Park

Favorite Chicago landmark: The Wrigley Building

Favorite sports team: Chicago Blackhawks

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