The Nature of Power

The Nature of Power.

For years, we at Power have internally referred to our Mission, Values, and Beliefs as The Nature of Power.  Over time the specific wording has evolved to more accurately reflect our nature and better communicate our desired actions.  What has never changed is our commitment to serve selflessly with a can-do attitude that, in turn, fuels our passion for exceeding expectations and our desire to have fun doing what we love to do — building.

Our Mission: To build what matters


Our Beliefs:

Relationships Matter. 

Success comes from the strength of our relationships.

Key Actions:

  • Understand, then exceed expectations
  • Do the right thing, every time
  • Exhibit and encourage a supportive, can-do attitude
  • Approach every situation as an opportunity to earn trust

People Driven.  Driven People.

This is our competitive edge.

Key Actions:

  • Attract, develop and reward people committed to our beliefs
  • Look for and recognize the contributions of others
  • Achieve diversity in the workplace and on the job site
  • Demonstrate pride in our team and in our achievements
  • Promote a safe work environment
  • Take time for fun


Finding a Better Way.

Improvement is in our nature.

Key Actions:

  • Combine individual strengths to achieve what we could not do alone
  • Share lessons learned and pursue new ideas
  • Anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions
  • Manage resources efficiently   
  • Encourage and respect the opinions of others


The Long Term Counts.

The legacy of Power is built through our actions.

Key Actions:

  • Improve our community by supporting and engaging the people who live and work there
  • Serve as stewards of the Power culture
  • Empower our people to grow and thrive
  • Invest in training, process, and technology