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8750 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60631 United States

Essential Functions

The “essential functions” of a position are those tasks that meet the definition of the reason the position exists.” The job classification of “Taper” includes the following essential functions:
1. Taping, sanding and boxing with hand tools (trowel, broad knife, spatula, bazooka, floating machine, sanding block, etc.) from floor to overhead (head to toe motion);
2. Taping, sanding and boxing with extension poles from floor to ceiling (head to toe motion, overhead activity, etc.);
3. Apply texture compound using brush, sprayer or rollers;
4. Sink nails or screws as part of finishing process with hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.);
5. Lift and carry containers of joint compound in bucket or box (30-50 pounds each);
6. Mix joint compound by hand or with portable mixer;
7. Utilize “D” or “T” handle heavy duty mixing drill;
8. Utilize High volume/Standard volume finishing boxes for joints and overhead seams;
9. Assembling, disassembling, climbing and working on scaffold (Baker type), ladders, aerial lifts and other vertical transport methods;
10. Utilize stilts (up to 42”) to walk and access overhead work;
11. Carry boxes of corner bead (box can be 8’ to 12’
in length and weighs 60 pounds maximum);
12. Spray adhesive; cut and install corner bead for interior and exterior corners;
13. Maneuvering pallets with pallet jack throughout jobsite (pallet of joint compound);
14. Install staples with staple gun;
15. Ability to wear a respirator (filtering face-piece, ½ or full-face respirators);
16. Use spray equipment to install fire barriers or textured finishes;
17. Work as member of crew.
1. Minimum High School Diploma Required
2. Participates in onsite job training/Trade school
3. Union Taper

Job Family