Changing the Face of the College Campus
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Changing the Face of the College Campus

Friday, September 25, 2015 - 12:15

Power is proud to be a part of major construction initiatives on two leading Chicago campuses — Loyola University Chicago and Northwestern University.  Both recently celebrated the opening of iconic new facilities on their campuses.  

Loyola recently hosted a Grand Opening Celebration for the John and Kathy Schreiber Center, a 137,000 sf, 10-story facility that houses the Quinlan School of Business.  Retired General Colin L. Powell, a four-star general and former US Secretary of State, gave the keynote remarks.  

“Great leaders give their people everything they need, and that’s what you’ve done here at Quinlan: you’ve given students everything they need,” said Powell.  “The new facility gives you a great opportunity to realize your vision for the business school.”  

The new building features interactive classrooms, large multi-purpose spaces, integrated social areas, 124 faculty offices, a financial services lab, and collaborative study space for students across all branches of business.  The building supports Loyola’s innovative, collaborative, and cutting-edge educational opportunities focused on responsible business leadership.   In their ongoing commitment to sustainability, Loyola is pursuing LEED Silver certification for the Schreiber Center.

In September, Northwestern University dedicated the Ryan Center for the Musical Arts (pictured above), a 163,000 sf, 5-story LEED Gold structure that features classrooms, teaching labs, academic faculty offices, teaching studio practice rooms, student lounges, and administrative offices.   The iconic building is situated on the south end of campus along the shore of Lake Michigan.  The premiere 400-seat Galvin Recital Hall features a 50’ glass wall that highlights the City skyline as a backdrop to the performance on stage.  Other performing centers within the Ryan Center include the McClintock Choral and Recital Room with seating for 120, and the Ryan Opera Theater, an intimate opera and recital facility for 150 guests.   “That aspirational view of Chicago was really critical,” Toni-Marie Montgomery, dean of the Bienen School of Music, said.  “Think about the many hours that our students are practicing, hoping that they then can perform as part of one of these major arts institutions, like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or the Lyric Opera of Chicago.”

The building’s connection to the adjacent Regenstein Hall now consolidates all activities for the Bienen School of Music into one area.  Montgomery said, “People are talking about actually running into each other…  Because we were physically separated [before], there was a culture divide between the academics in music and the performers.  When you really think about musicians doing what we do, which is work and play together, there wasn’t that ability to sit and talk, to exchange, to collaborate – all of that which is interdisciplinary study.”  The top floor includes administrative offices for the School of Communication, providing greater collaboration with performance studies and theater faculty, and allowing for the expansion of the writing and sound programs on campus. 

Power provided construction management services for both projects in collaboration with architect Goettsch Partners at Northwestern and Solomon Cordwell Buenz at Loyola.