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The Architects Partnership
Building Name
Merchandise Mart
12,300 sf

Located in the Merchandise Mart, this space is the new Global Marketing Office for Kellogg’s in Chicago. The office combines modern, sleek, high-tech features, accented with retro furniture and design elements that bring a cohesive atmosphere to the office. The open concept is highlighted with glass enclosed conference rooms to maintain visual site lines. 

The technology conference room is enclosed on 3-sides with floor to ceiling, frameless glass panels. The exposed mechanical system was painted white to add height to the space. Lighting fixtures are suspended from the ceiling on small cables, giving the appearance they are floating in mid-air. The workstations, which line the perimeter, can be raised or lowered in the collaborative work space.  

Estimating Diligence

Completed the project within 1.95% of the GMP - with client requested scope additions.

Tight Logistics 

The front entrance, meeting spaces and private phone rooms are comprised of shipping containers. The new shipping containers are lined with acoustic material to minimize sound and vibration, have rolling doors to open and close and are connected to wi-fi technology. Due to the tight site logistics of the building we disassembled and re-welded them back together in the space.

Look Ahead Scheduling

The overhead lighting and mechanical work was scheduled and completed prior to the ten-day polished concrete flooring process. This sequencing was critical to meeting the aggressive five-month schedule.