The Power of Diversity

Through The Power of Diversity, we are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment in the construction industry. 

The Power of Diversity

The legacy of Power is built through our actions – we work with each other, with our clients and with our subcontractors to achieve diversity in the workplace and on the job site.  We believe that bringing different perspectives together helps foster stronger outcomes. 

We recruit and retain talented employees from all diverse backgrounds in both the office and the trades.  We strive for a workforce that represents the demographics of the communities in which we work. 

Expanding diversity and inclusion requires commitment and intentional action by everyone.  Power is committed to push forward and create results.

Our goals :

  • Foster a culture of open-mindedness and inclusiveness among all people and departments
  • Actively build an environment with members of diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences
  • Display leadership in the implementation of programs and services necessary to promote diversity and the understanding of differences
  • Create opportunities for engagement, education, and training related to diversity and inclusion
  • Establish and grow relationships with organizations and individuals that share similar values and beliefs 

Power's Diversity and Engagement Plan Promotes Relationships

Power partners with City Colleges and other local community colleges to supplement the classroom learning with hands-on opportunities while providing full time employment including an hourly wage and full benefits to students while taking courses toward a college degree. 

This allows students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to gain experience early in their career and create a foundation to be successful in the construction industry.  

Power works closely with many outreach organizations to help teach, train, sponsor and provide opportunities to community members in the construction trades.
Power supports Chicago programs to increase awareness about construction in local High Schools, which gives students exposure to industry professionals and job site access.
Power is actively fostering a long-term focus on development of a diverse workforce with increased upward mobility, autonomy, training, and reward for both men and women equally.

Success Stories

We partner with the subcontracting community to provide opportunities for WBE / MBE / DBE on Power projects.  Power believes that doing more and supporting up and coming MBE / WBE / DBE companies is just as important as providing bidding opportunities.

Jimmy Akintonde of Ujamaa Construction is one of our greatest success stories with a 10-year partnership and formal Mentor/Protege program.  Jimmy credits his success to "Power's focus on helping my company grow and the many skills I learned working with Power to build, develop and expand my business.”