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Power Construction Company is a 98-year old family and management-owned firm that is focused primarily on the greater Chicago metro area. 

Our unique business model and values-based approach means that our leaders are actively engaged, our employees build long-term careers and we foster trade partner relationships that drive customer value.  Most importantly, it's what allows us to fulfill our fundamental promise: to exceed expectations, every time.

Power Construction People
Power Construction People
Lead with Power

Power’s leaders are not afraid to get their boots muddy. Whether they’re in the office or the field, they take a hands-on approach with every project. 

An integral part of their role is to empower other team members and promote the kind of collaboration we know leads to success. Their passion for construction impacts everything they do, from providing clients real-time updates to taking a big-picture view that ensures expectations are exceeded.

Our longstanding tradition of growing from within means our leaders have internalized the Power beliefs and always focus on making clients and team members shine.

The nature of power

Above all, Power values relationships, people, innovation and creating a legacy that we stand by now and in the future. These beliefs guide everything we do - from recruiting top talent to integrating cutting-edge technology to giving back to our community.

We’re proud of accomplishments like our zero litigation track record, industry awards, and customer ratings. But none of that matters as much as improving the lives of our stakeholders - the people we work with and the ones who use our buildings every day. 

A big part of our culture is our commitment to exceeding expectations. We believe in our ability to always do better, accomplish more and improve upon our own best work. It’s this belief that drives innovation and keeps our clients coming back. 

Everything we do is designed to serve others. Whether we’re working on The Lurie Children’s Hospital or a luxury home in Lincoln Park, we focus on the practices that make our clients, partners and team members the heroes of every commercial construction project.  

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Diverse by Design

At Power, “Diversity” is much more than just a corporate buzzword. We know that a diverse workplace – both in our offices and on our job sites – isn’t magically created by saying “we care.” 

It’s something we actively and intentionally work to achieve through hiring, community outreach, education, and creating a culture of inclusion for people of all backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity is inspired by a genuine belief that bringing different perspectives together makes for stronger outcomes.

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The Power of Giving Back

Chicago has always been our home, so it’s important for us to give back to the city and its people. 

Power with Purpose is our internal initiative to contribute to the causes that matter to us. 

Each year, our full-time team members volunteer with the organizations of their choice.  Big or small, every action adds up and helps to build a better Chicago. 

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The History of Power

Our history starts nearly a century ago when Jerome Goldstein founded the company in 1926. Goldstein had the ambitious goal of bringing electricity to rural areas that hadn’t yet caught up with the new technology. Thus, the name Power Engineering.

Not long after the founding of the company, the federal government established a new agency to distribute electric power to small towns and farmers. So, instead of throwing the towel in, Power looked at the changing marketing demands and evolved, something it would continue to do over the coming decades.

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Power Construction Hire 360 Community Development

Our mission to create sustainable workforce opportunities for diverse and underserved communities is part of how we bring our core beliefs to life. It's about finding a way to use construction not only as a practice, but a process to improve people's lives.

Power Construction_Bozeman

Breaking ground in Bozeman, Montana! Located on a 14-acre parcel at the intersection of 27th Avenue and Tschache Lane.

Willowbrook High School students at North Union Power site

Students from Willowbrook high school visit Power Construction's North Union project.