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Curious to learn more about the construction industry? Or wonder what it's like to work for Power? 

Our employees are eager to share their experiences with you, personally. Each of them has a unique story to tell as they come from different backgrounds, with various degrees and a wide range of passions, both personal and professional. Feel free to explore their profiles below and connect directly with any questions. 

Oscar Beach

Oscar BeachSuperintendent

Southern Illinois University '15 | Joined Power in 2016

First construction job:  Red-Line Wilson Project as an intern. I was given the opportunity to work on a project which involved both Heavy Highway and Building Construction. This was great for me because I was undecided on what sector of construction I was going get into, but this internship gave me a look at both sides which helped me in making that decision.

Best career advice ever received:  Always set personal goals. This will keep the fire in you going.

Why construction?  For a few years after graduating high school I worked at a home improvement store where I would interact with different contractors, this is what first sparked my interest in the construction field. I was not aware that there were programs for construction management until I saw a TV commercial from a local college. The highlights of the profession were so intriguing to me that I did further research on the profession and different schools offering the CM program. The following fall semester I was off to school to pursue my degree.

Best thing about living in Chicago:  Chicago's downtown area. The skyline is beautiful and there is always something going on to keep you entertained.

Favorite Chicago Landmark:  Buckingham Fountain

Favorite sports team:  Chicago Bulls

Oscar Beach

Ajay Bhojwani

Ajay BhojwaniProject Manager

University of Illinois '17 | Joined Power in 2017

My first project with Power:   I was an intern with Power at The Main Apartments (Chicago and Main) in Evanston.

Why construction?   I grew up helping my dad with projects around the house. Once I got to high school I got really involved in our advanced woodworking classes and made a lot of custom furniture, including a complete living room set of tables that I now use in my condo! This showed me how much I enjoyed applying analytical and physical skills to make usable things in the real world.

Best career advice you've received: You do a lot of good things and prevent a lot of problems. Sometimes things don't go your way but you deal with it and move on so you can continue making good things happen.

Best thing about living in Chicago: No shortage of new places to eat and hang out.

Favorite local landmark: Wrigley Field! It's a resilient old building with a lot of history.

Ajay Bhojwani

Project Manager
Shane alt photo

Shane BoyerSenior Project Manager

Penn State University '10    |  Temple University '17  |  Joined Power in 2017

How I started in construction: In high school, I took an introductory course on AutoCAD and I loved designing buildings. When I learned about Penn State's Architectural Engineering program, I knew it was a perfect blend of design and construction. I enjoy being able to see projects through from conceptual renderings to final construction.
First construction job: A 375,000 sf addition to the Hershey Chocolate Factory adding eight new production lines. We were given unlimited chocolate during the project.
Best career advice ever received: You are born with two ears and only one mouth, so listen twice as much as you talk.
Best thing about living in Chicago: Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza
Favorite Chicago landmark: The Chicago River and Riverwalk. I love walking along the Riverwalk and photographing all different types of architecture, from the historic Wrigley Building to modern structural feats like 150 North Riverside.

Shane Boyer

Senior Project Manager
Neal Deiters

Neal DeitersProject Manager

Northwestern University '13  |  Joined Power in 2013

First started fulltime in the business: 2013

How I started in construction: My interest in construction began with a passion for building Lego’s.

Best career advice ever received: “Hard work, always pays off”.

Why construction? I have a passion for project management, design, and building science.

Best thing about living in Chicago: My favorite part about living in Chicago is exercising along the lakefront.

Favorite Chicago landmark: The Sears Tower (I have always called it that and probably always will despite its recent name change) is my favorite Chicago landmark.

Neal Deiters

Project Manager
Aaron Graves

Aaron GravesSenior Estimator

University of Illinois '17 |  Joined Power in 2017

How I got started in construction: My best friend's dad growing up was a home builder. He would pay us to be "laborers in training" and handle any miscellaneous job that needed attention - move supplies or equipment, hauling trash, etc.
Best career advice ever received: Every person has something to teach you.
Why construction? I hated the idea of just designing things in a silo. Construction gave me the chance to work with a diverse group of people to solve challenges. Every day brings something new  and I'm constantly learning.
Best thing about living in Chicago: Every neighborhood has so much to offer. I'll spend the rest of my life exploring and never even get close to doing it all. 
Favorite non-work activity: Going to Red Stars or Fire matches with my friends.
Favorite Chicago landmark: The 606 - you can see Chicago in a way that's completely unique and it's one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Aaron Graves

Senior Estimator
Brian Hampel

Brian HampelSuperintendent

Iowa State University '13  |  Joined Power in 2014

How I started in construction: Summer internship, in road construction, repaving Hwy 12 near the IL/WI border in 2009.

Best career advice ever received: Establish successful working relationships with owners, architects, co-workers and subcontractors.

Why construction? Construction has been an interest and a passion of mine ever since I was a child but I didn’t have the artistic skills to be an architect!

Favorite Chicago landmark: Wrigley Field, how can you not love the friendly confines!?!

Favorite sports team: Atlanta Braves!!

Brian Hampel


Andrew LichtenauerAssistant Project Manager

Texas A&M University '20  |  Joined Power in 2020

Why did you choose a career in the industry? I enjoy the problem solving nature of the industry as well as getting to collaborate with a wide range of other parties involved in each project. There's something very satisfying about seeing a project through from start to finish, knowing that you played a role in the success of that project. 

Best career advice ever received: Trust, but verify.

Favorite non-work activity? Hiking and camping in the National Parks! I've been to about a third of them and hope to visit them all.

Best thing about living in Chicago: The great food and live music.

Andrew Lichtenauer

Assistant Project Manager
Megan Lick

Megan LickSenior Project Accountant

St. Mary's University '07  |  Joined Power in 2013

How I got started in construction: While deciding if I wanted to pursue nursing or medical school, and already facing student loans, I took a receptionist position at Aldridge Electric, a local family-owned company. Along with front desk work, I was helping with marketing and accounting. Less than a year in, the CFO hired me into his accounting group, first in accounts receivable, and eventually as a project accountant.
Best career advice ever received: At the start of my career I was a little hung up on working in the corporate world vs doing something that directly helped/impacted the world. I found that if you're in a job that you like and if it affords you to live a fulfilling life outside of the workplace then you are doing great!
Why construction? I think it chose me, haha! My dad was a sheet metal foreman for 30 years so I grew up with respect for the trades. I love the pace and excitement of building and renovating. There's an endless challenge behind the scenes to be as proactive and efficient as possible, to help keep the job running smoothly out there on the ground.
Favorite non-work activity: Either trying out new breweries, or listening to true crime podcasts while running with my kiddos in the jogging stroller... or running so I can continue visiting breweries. 
Favorite Chicago landmark: The Shedd Aquarium. I thought it was pretty magical when I was little, and it still gives me that nostalgic awe.

Megan Lick

Senior Project Accountant
Chauntee McDonald

Chauntee McDonaldConstruction Laborer & Site Safety Coordinator

Northern Illinois University  |  Joined Power in 2014

How I got started in construction: I got started by attending a technical opportunities program through an organization called Chicago Women in Trades (CWIT). My first construction job was a water reclamation project on Irving Park and Rockwell. 
Best career advice ever received: To always set goals, plan, and execute. 
Why construction: I chose construction because I wanted to be involved in building things that would be a part of the city's history.
Favorite non-work activity: Cooking for people and traveling.
Favorite Chicago landmark: The Japanese Gardens behind the Museum of Science and Industry.

Chauntee McDonald

Construction Laborer & Site Safety Coordinator
Ben Meints

Ben MeintsExecutive Superintendent

Purdue University '09  |  Joined Power in 2009

How I started in construction: I was a laborer sealing roads in college.

Best career advice ever received: “You can do your job and like it, or just do your job. The choice is yours, as long as you get your job done."

Why did you choose construction as a profession: I get to work with a diverse group of people, which makes every day interesting.  And I’m not tied to a desk all day long. 

Favorite Chicago landmark: The bridges over the Chicago River.

Favorite sports team: Milwaukee Brewers

Ben Meints

Executive Superintendent
Zach Muscari

Zach MuscariAssistant Project Manager

Bradley University '17  |  Joined Power in 2018

How I got started in construction: I grew up around it. My dad has been a contractor my whole life so I took advantage of every chance I had to get my hands on tools!
Best career advice ever given: A job is just a task that you need to complete. A career is something you are passionate about and look forward to. Make sure you have a career, not just a job, to ensure you go to work every day loving what you do.
Why construction? Construction is a very rewarding career. There are endless possibilities along the way to build something and it allows you to be creative in order to find the best way to do so.  You're able to see firsthand the progress being made and eventually the final product.
Best thing about living in Chicago: Without a question - the food!
Favorite non-work activity: Anything sports related.
Favorite Chicago landmark: The skyline - there are many vantage points in this city to view the skyline, its truly an amazing sight. 

Zach Muscari

Assistant Project Manager

Shosuke NaokawaVDC Engineer

University of Illinois (bachelors) '20  |  University of Illinois (masters) '21  |  Joined Power in 2021

First job in construction: Summer Internship at SSM St. Louis University Hospital in St. Louis where I learned the ins and outs of interior finishes using lean scheduling.

Why construction?  I've always enjoyed engineering and large scale urbanism. The construction industry helps me leverage my engineering and technology skills to make a real impact on communities.

Best career advice you've received:   Never settle for average and make sure you do work that you are proud of.

Favorite non-work activity: Visiting cafés across Chicago - my goal is to visit 100 (or more) 

Favorite Chicago landmark: Crossing the Chicago River by train on the Brown/Purple line. You get a fantastic view of the city regardless of which side of the train you're sitting on.

Shosuke Naokawa

VDC Engineer
Sarah Nelson

Sarah NelsonProject Manager

University of Illinois Champaign '12 and '14  |  Joined Power in 2016

How I started in construction:  I started interning with traditional architecture firms – small commercial, residential, corporate – before deciding to make the jump to the construction side.  I have always loved the industry, it just took me a few summers to decide where I wanted to sit at the table.

Best career advice ever received:  Work hard and do what you love.

Why construction?  I was fortunate to live through a home addition in grade school and was extremely interested as the drawing sets came through.  I love walking a job and seeing how a project comes together – literally.

Best thing about living in Chicago:  The restaurant scene and lakefront path.

Favorite Chicago Landmark:  Promontory Point – it has the best views of the skyline

Favorite sports team:  Chicago Blackhawks

Sarah Nelson

Project Manager
Phil Stearney

Phil StearneySenior Project Manager

Iowa State University '89  |  Joined Power in 2014

My first construction job: The American Airlines concourse expansion at O'Hare Airport - I'm a PM with Power's Aviation Group so it seems I've come full circle!
Best career advice ever received: In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is make the right decision, the next best thing you can do is make the wrong decision, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
Why construction? I grew up taking things apart, fixing them and then rebuilding them. That included everything from model airplanes to our family house up in Door County.  Our dad was a big DIY-guy so it was a natural fit that both my brother and I pursued careers in construction.
Favorite non-work activity: Family time with my wife and our four kids.
Favorite sports team: Win or lose, I have and always will follow the Iowa State Cyclones.

Phil Stearney

Senior Project Manager
Jessica Petersen

Jessica StygarSafety Manager

Northern Illinois University '17  |  Joined Power in 2017

How I got started in construction: Growing up I would spend summers in Colorado helping out at the construction company that my uncle owns.  It was exciting and fulfilling to see the end product and know that I had a part in it.
Best career advice ever received: Always do the right thing and ask questions.
Why construction? It's a gratifying field to be in. I love my job because I am a part of something that's long lasting. Years from now I will be able to point at the Chicago skyline and know I was a part of that. 
Best thing about living in Chicago: The food.
Favorite non-work activities: Walking my dog, hiking and going to wineries.
Favorite sports team: Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Jessica Stygar

Safety Manager
Trevor Symbal

Trevor SymbalProject Manager

Milwaukee School of Engineering '19  |  Joined Power in 2019

My first construction job: My first job related to construction was right out of high school while working at a local hardscaping company completing AutoCAD drawings and using AutoCAD for takeoffs.
Why construction?   It goes back to my first construction related job enjoying AutoCAD. I had a love for technology and design but I didn't want be an architect so I looked into architectural engineering. I did not go that route long-term, but instead am in a construction management role that allows me to leverage my tech and design background to communicate effectively between the field and design teams.

Favorite non-work activity:  Over the past three or four years I have been doing leatherwork making things like wallets, belts, watchbands and other small leather goods Each project is unique and it is calming to spend an afternoon crafting something that you know will make someone happy.

Favorite Chicago landmark: Gene and Judes. If you've never heard of it, don't. Just go on a Friday and DO NOT ask for ketchup. It'll be worth it!

Trevor Symbal

Project Manager
Dennis Thurow

Dennis ThurowSuperintendent

University of Illinois '16  |  Joined Power in 2017

How I started in construction: I was an intern for the transportation department in the city I grew up in. I worked on the sidewalk replacement program and micro-resurfacing during the summer after my freshman year.

Best career advice ever received: “If it matters to someone, it matters."

Why construction? I love the fast pace of the work and the challenges that come along with it. We get to problem solve every day and work with all sorts of different people which gives a really good balance to the day. The ability to walk through the city and see your finished work for many years after the job is over is also really cool.

Favorite Chicago landmark: The Chicago Board of Trade

Best thing about living in Chicago: Food. Some of the best food in the world is in Chicago and there is no shortage of variety. Restaurants and chefs that food critics travel across the country or world to visit are within walking distance.

Dennis Thurow