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We teach our expectations, why we have those requirements and equip people with the right knowledge.
We coach people on how they can meet those requirements, we don't tell.
We mentor so we can all be successful today and for the long term.

Power's expectations for Contractors:

  • Be an active participant in the project and the safety program. Conduct site audits of your work and address any safety concerns.
  • Support your employees with training and equipment to do the job safely.
  • Understand Power's safety requirements and expectations, and any other applicable safety standards.
  • Foster and promote a safe and healthful work environment.

Awarded VPP Star Status in 2022

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Site Safety Coordinator Program

Power's Site Safety Coordinator Program provides an additional safety resource on the jobsite. Site Safety Coordinators, comprised of Union Carpenters and Laborers, complete a structured training and development program that prepares them to assist our project teams with the implementation of Power's safety program.

The benefits of this program include peer to peer safety discussions, additional support for safety in the field and leadership opportunities for Power's Tradespeople.

Power Safety Forms

HammerTech allows Power and Contractors to capture information electronically. This platform enables the online entry and collection of data via electronic forms that are web and mobile accessible.

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) identifies the steps in completing a work task, the risks or hazards associated with those steps, and the contractor's methods for eliminating and/or controlling the hazards.

Hot Work Permit establishes a procedure for conducting hot work activities on the project. Hot work includes all operations that create heat, spark or flame.

Mobile Crane Checklist provides a tool for crane operators to document site conditions and exposures associated with mobile cranes and other similar types of equipment.

Critical Lift Planning Worksheet provides a process to identify critical lifts, relevant hoisting information and the contractor's plan for managing the lift.

Demolition Planning Worksheet is a guide to identify potential issues associated with demolition activities, including both interior and exterior projects.

Silica Hazard Assessment identifies contractor's tasks generating silica dust and the contractor's plan for controlling/mitigating said exposure. Those contractors who identify silica hazards must also provide a silica exposure control plan in their site-specific safety plan.

Guardrail Removal Permit enables you to develop a process on site for removing and reinstalling guardrails; identify the contractor's methods to protect employees exposed to a fall hazard; and identify the contractor's methods to provide temporary protection for workers in the vicinity of the potential hazard.


We use project management tools to collaborate electronically on many of our projects, enabling participants to access and enter data in real time.

CMiC Collaboration

Subcontractor Prequalification

Our process of subcontractor selection begins with a review of basic company information. This process results in a list of highly qualified subcontractors throughout the Chicago area. Your cooperation is most appreciated.

In order to maintain our subcontractor/supplier database, we require that each subcontractor participate in an initial qualification process and provide periodic updates.

Before you get started, you will want to have the following documents should be available to upload.

  • A signed copy of your company's Form W-9 indicating EIN/Tax ID number, legal name and current address
  • Three (3) years of financial statements and corresponding notes prepared by a third party. The most recent statement should represent a period ending within the last six (6) months
  • Sample Certificate of Insurance evidencing your current coverage and limits
  • Statement advising of your aggregate and per-project bonding capacity 
  • A letter from your insurance company or agent indicating your Worker's Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) history for the last three (3) years (if applicable)
  • OSHA 300A reports for each of the last three (3) EMR periods (if applicable)
  • A list of current work in progress and corresponding backlog
  • A letter from each affiliate union indicating you are signatory and in good standing (if applicable)
  • A letter from each agency certifying your company as a minority- or woman-owned business enterprise (if applicable)
  • Our insurance requirements are available for your review: 

Review the Questionnaire Start the Qualification Process

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