Subcontractor Partners

Partner With Us to Build What Matters

Power provides construction services for select commercial and institutional clients in and around the northern Illinois markets. With every project, we count on the subcontracting community to help us exceed our client’s expectations for quality and collaboration.


Our Safety Program is an integral part of the construction project. Full-time safety and health professionals are involved in the planning activities beginning at the preconstruction phase of all Power projects. Potential liability exposures are identified and managed through site survey (outside professionals document pre-existing conditions if necessary), communication with utilities companies, and with adjacent buildings or communities.

In addition to full-time safety professionals, Power employs 19 site safety coordinators. They have each completed a 12-month training regimen which qualifies them to assist project management in safety issues, conduct daily site safety meetings, and eliminate safety hazards. These individuals are also either union carpenters or laborers, but they have the authority to stop work at any time if an employee, the public or a subcontractor’s employees are at risk.

Power's Safety Program meets or exceeds OSHA requirements and is continuously updated and improved. It includes:

  • Comprehensive Substance Abuse Program including pre-employment testing.
  • Utility Locate Program to avoid contact with overhead and underground utilities.
  • Field Management Policies to help manage safety on the job site.
  • New employee training that includes a two-phase safety orientation for all new employees and a green hard-hat program to help us mentor new employees.
  • Comprehensive and specific training for all employees as it relates to their work.


Power uses project management tools to collaborate electronically on many of its projects, enabling project participants to access and enter data in real time. If you already have a log in, click the link below to access Power's CMiC Collaboration.

Enter CMIC Collaboration

If you are working on a project that is using CMIC Collaboration and need a log in, please click below and you will be directed to a request form.

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Subcontractor Project Team Forms

Below are forms to assist in you in working with Power.

The Subcontractor Onboarding Checklist provides general information regarding safety submittals prior to starting work to ensure a smooth transition.

The Foreman's Site Requirements explain the project safety requirements and expectations for Subcontractors’ on-site supervision.  This form provides project team members the opportunity to reiterate and/or expand upon important safety items discussed during the pre-construction process.

How to Create a Microsoft Account for SharePoint enables access to Power's Safety E-Forms site for the online entry and collection of raw data in Power's electronic safety forms, such as Dailies and Toolbox Talks.

The Qualification Process

Our process of subcontractor selection begins with a review of basic company information. This process results in a list of highly qualified subcontractors throughout the Chicago area. Your cooperation is most appreciated.

In order to maintain our subcontractor/supplier database, we require that each subcontractor participate in an initial qualification process and provide periodic updates. The link below will direct you to a self-service questionnaire for completion.

Start the Qualification Process

Before you get started, you will want to have the following documents in PDF form available to upload. If you would like to review the questionnaire before starting the process, click here for a copy.

  • Three (3) years of financial statements and corresponding notes prepared by a third party. The most recent statement should represent a period ending within the last six (6) months.
  • Sample Certificate of Insurance evidencing your current coverage and limits.
  • Statement advising of your aggregate and per-project bonding capacity along with your surety (bonding) company's legal name.
  • A letter from your insurance company or agent indicating your Worker's Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR) history for the last three (3) years.
  • OSHA 300A reports for each of the last three (3) EMR periods.
  • A signed copy of your company's Form W-9 indicating current legal name and address.
  • A list of current work in progress and corresponding backlog.
  • A letter from each agency certifying your company as a minority- or woman-owned business enterprise (if applicable).
  • Copy of Certificate from Contractor Score LLC stating most recent result and date of review

Our standard insurance requirements are available for your review.  Click here for a copy.