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Power Construction

O’Hare's Multi Modal Facility Consolidates Car Rentals and Ground Transportation

Quick-Turnaround Parking Structure Brings 6,900 Parking Spaces to O'Hare

The project, a joint venture of Austin Power Partners (Austin Commercial, Power Construction, and Ujamaa Construction), includes a 2,500,000 sf, 5-story parking facility featuring 6,900 parking spaces with a fourth floor customer lobby and rental car counters, as well as a 240,000 sf, 3-story Quick Turn Around facility with wash bays and fueling stations, and a new Airport Transit System (ATS) station.

What does it take to complete a project of this size?

Here are a few facts:


... reaching a depth of 75 feet, were installed in the 7 months spanning November 2015 through June 2016.

cubic yards of soil

... was removed from the 40-acre site, mostly during caisson installation and pond excavation.

That’s more than 5,000 truckloads hauled off the site to other areas of the airport based on three categories:  structural fill, topsoil, and unsuitable soils.  The structural fill may be used in future projects, topsoil for landscaping at the airport.

pieces of precast concrete

... each arriving on its own truck, is lifted into place with a 350-ton crane, with a 220’ boom on it, operating under the FAA restriction of 190’ high due to its proximity to O’Hare runways.

The team can place 20-25 pieces each day – and it will take over a year to complete both the garage and QTA structures.