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The Latin School of Chicago
Nagle Hartray Architecture
Chicago – Gold Coast
52,500 sf

Learning Environments - The 3rd floor was completed in 8 weeks and features eight new science labs, state-of-the-art computer labs and three new classrooms for the 5th grade students.  It became the 5th and 6th grade suite with flexible classrooms and soft seating. A science lab which doubles as a homeroom as well as a computer lab is also provided.
The fourth floor became the new Upper School Science Center with classrooms for physics, chemistry, and biology, chemical storage, and a lounge. The science rooms take advantage of technology with widescreen SmartBoards, LCD screens, a touchscreen control panel for laptop projection, a document camera, and a wide-view camera for recording lessons. The science center also includes the Interactive Science Forum, designed in collaboration with Architecture Is Fun, Inc., and the Latin science faculty.
The technical aspects of the project included not only the latest in computer technology, but also high-end finishes, such as the laser cut flooring materials that form a colorful mosaic to enhance the design elements in the area. Cabinet doors, wall coverings, and other surfaces throughout the space were designed to all be writable. In addition, cork wallpaper set in strategic areas formed a pinning surface for posting messages as well as childrens’ projects.  We completed a number of mock-ups of the floors and the millwork/cabinetry to ensure that the designs and finishes were built to exact owner specifications.
Lobby - As part of the master plan, we renovated the existing lobby and auditorium and created new gathering spaces on the first floor.  A custom engraved Latin School logo was installed on the south wall of the lobby to create a dynamic graphic. A new Limited Access, Limited Use (LULA) elevator was installed to allow wheelchairs to move easily from the main entry to the second floor mezzanine.

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