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Liberty Cold
Bolingbrook, IL

We worked with West Liberty Foods LLC to create a state-of-the-art food processing and freezer/distribution facility. The facility contains “Quick Freeze” racks for blast freezing most food products within a 36 hour period. The facility also houses an HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) Process room which contains a piece of equipment for eliminating the bacteria on processed deli meats and greatly increases the shelf life of the product.

Features include:

  • 132,000 S.F. -5°F Freezer (45’ clear ht.)
  • 55,000 S.F. -5°F/+35°F Convertible Rooms (45’ clear ht.)
  • 9,000 S.F. +45°F HPP Process Room
  • 7,000 S.F. +40°F IQF Process Room
  • 8,000 S.F. Dry Storage
  • 6,000 S.F. +38°F Repack Cooler
  • 46,500 S.F. +40°F Shipping Dock
  • 22,600 S.F. Office/Support Building
  • Blast Freezing for 110 Pallet Positions
  • IQF Nitrogen freeze tunnel