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Pizzuti Companies
Cornerstone Architects
Romeoville, IL
650,000 sf

We completed Pinnacle XXIII concurrently with two other warehouse facilities at the Pinnacle Business Center. When Samsung leased the full building, we added 15 loading docks, a new turnstile at the employee entrance, a new gate at the Guard Shack and upgraded finishes in their 10,000 sf office area.

This building achieved LEED Gold Certification through:

  • 364 skylights throughout the building, which  provide ample daylight for comfortable working conditions. Engineers recorded 30 footcandles on a cloudy summer day and 65 footcandles on a sunny day – without any lighting turned on.
  • A combination of high-efficiency HVAC equipment, light fixtures, and motion and photo sensors reduce energy usage by 40%.
  • Low flow fixtures reduce the amount of potable water used by 50%.
  • In summer, night-running exhaust fans vent warm air out, replacing it with cooler nighttime air.
  • Vegetated bio-infiltration swales and ponds greatly reduce contaminant discharge from the property.  Most of the rainwater filters into the ground to sub aquifers.
Awards + Certifications