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Foster + Partners, Ross Barney Architects
Chicago, IL
22,000 sf

The first thing visitors experience at this iconic retail venue is the structure’s harmony with its surroundings and the wide-open vistas. The building's transparent enclosure features glass walls ranging in height from 14 to 32 feet, allowing an unobstructed view of Pioneer Court Plaza and the Chicago River. Grand staircases on either side provide natural gathering places and a pathway down to the retail concourse at the water's edge.

National Collaboration

Our team worked closely with the national owner, two separate design teams, City of Chicago officials, and the adjacent landlord to coordinate the unique design elements within the target budget and ensure a timely completion while protecting the safety of pedestrian traffic in the bustling Gold Coast neighborhood. 

Miles of Infrastructure Within Transparent Walls

The extensive technological requirements of this Apple facility are fed by miles of electrical conduit. HVAC ducts are routed within the ceiling and below the floor to heat and cool the interior as well as the exterior glass enclosure, eliminating condensation.

Power, with input from subcontractors, 3D modeled every conduit on the project – every nut, bolt, and fastener – to ensure that all infrastructure components would fit into the tight column spaces. The BIM model was then used for layout and installation resulting in zero field changes.

3D Printing to Ensure Quality Facility

Custom wood ceiling panels were arranged to form a cohesive design from East to West with horizontal lines aligned across wall components. To ensure these elements were perfectly aligned throughout the facility, we 3D-printed light fixtures and incorporated them into a full mock-up of the wood ceiling panels. The mock-up then set the quality standard for installation.

Awards + Certifications

Special Achievement of the Year

Finalist, GCFD Commercial Real Estate Awards – 2017

Building of the Year

ArchDaily - 2018

American Architecture Award

Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design - 2018

Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel Award

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) - 2019