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Roundy's Supermarkets
Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Chicago – South Loop
60,000 sf

Mariano’s Fresh Market, the Illinois brand of Wisconsin-based Roundy’s Supermarkets, has expanded into Chicago. With our minority partner, we constructed this three-story structure that features a grocery store with parking above. Typical features of the Mariano's brand include a coffee bar, sandwich shop, an on-site sushi chef, pizzas freshly made in an Italian oven, organic selections of produce and groceries, and fresh varieties of fish and meat cut to order. 

Incorporating the Community, Exceeding Minority Participation Expectations

During construction, our project team exceeded the minority and women-owned participation goals by 6% with over half the project hours completed by community residents. This project provided 400-500 permanent jobs to the area, including 20 manager positions.