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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Willowbrook High School students at North Union Power site

Students from Willowbrook high school visit Power Construction's North Union project.

Community Development High School Outreach Training Diversity Equity Inclusion

Focusing on the next generation, Power's high school outreach program is part of a targeted effort to educated CPS students on sustainable and long-term career opportunities in the trades.

Power Construction Hire 360 Community Development

Our mission to create sustainable workforce opportunities for diverse and underserved communities is part of how we bring our core beliefs to life. It's about finding a way to use construction not only as a practice, but a process to improve people's lives.

Power Construction WIC

National Women in Construction week is an opportunity to highlight women in all aspects of construction - raising awareness of opportunities available for women and emphasizing the growing role of women in the industry. During this week every year, Power is continuing the conversation around the impact that our women have on construction and our company.

Power Construction Lincoln Yards Community Development Hire 360 Sterling Bay Site Tour

Along with our partners at Sterling Bay, our project team hosted candidates from HIRE360 for a site tour of 1229 W Concord where they saw multiple trades' work-in-progress, discussed industry career paths as well as the impact this project will make on the community.

Airport Aerial - T5

The foundation of Power Construction's commitment to diversification of the industry rests on building long-term relationships with diverse partners. Engaging in joint ventures on major projects such as the Terminal 5 expansion at O'Hare International Airport enables Power's partners to grow their capacity while lending their significant expertise to these complex builds.

Scrub King Group Photo

After years of working for large institutions, Gabby Dumitrascu and her husband Cristian cashed in their retirement savings to fund their dream of becoming business owners.  As the parents of two young children, they knew it was risky, but they were committed to doing whatever it took to grow their business and create a better life for their family.