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Hoxton Hotel & Ennismore Design
Ennismore Design & GREC Architects
Craig Dugan Photography (exterior images)
Property Manager/Owner's Rep
Fulton Market
Building Name
Hoxton Hotel Chicago

Incorporating the vibrant trends of Chicago's Fulton Market District, this boutique hotel highlights the unique culture of the surrounding West Loop neighborhood. This 12-story hotel includes ground floor retail, a business center with conference rooms and kitchen, a fitness center, and an outdoor amenity deck with a rooftop pool and fireplaces.

A Peaceful Night's Sleep in a Quiet Room

 Because of the hotel’s convenient proximity to public transportation, noise reduction was a top priority. Our project team suggested a customized window system with an extremely high STC rating of 45, completely eliminating noise from the outside environment. We visited the window manufacturing facility in Barranquilla, Colombia to review fabrication, quality, and confirm the installation process.