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Joliet Cold Storage LLC
Joliet, IL
432,000 sf

We provided all site acquisition, design/engineering, site development and construction for this 432,000 sf freezer distribution warehouse for Joliet Cold Storage. The project features a “Quick Freeze” rack system that freezes items within a matter of hours. This system is crucial around the holiday season due to the significant increases in perishable foods.

We assisted in finding a prime location for the development of this project, closely situated to Highway 80. This ideal location allows for ease of transportation and coordination with truck drivers.

Features include: 

  • 265,000 sf -10°F Freezer (45’ clear ht.)
  • 4 ea. - 19,000 sf/EA -10°F/+35°F Convertible Rooms (45’ clear ht.)
  • 64,000 sf +40°F Shipping Dock
  • 27,000 sf Office/Support Building
  • 55,000 Pallet Positions
  • 54 Acres of Site Development