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Loyola University of Chicago
Property Manager/Owner's Rep
Cotter Consulting
Maywood, Illinois
227,000 sf, 5 stories

A collaboration project among Stritch School of Medicine, Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, Loyola Graduate School and Loyola University Health System, this 5-story facility houses researchers, scientists, clinicians, and physicians engaged in translational research, the process of applying knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques and tools that address critical medical needs. This type of research is specifically designed to improve health outcomes as it encourages multidisciplinary collaboration among laboratory and clinical researchers and incorporates the desires of the general public health.

The 227,000 sf building features a cafeteria, 160 offices, 10 conference rooms, 10 classrooms, 90-seat lecture hall and laboratory space. The laboratory space consists of wet and dry labs across multiple floors dedicated to specific research needs. A large 2-story atrium provides interaction space for building occupants working in separate disciplines along with room for studying and meetings.

The 265-seart auditorium features a sophisticated AV system for lighting, sound, projection/imaging plus a weather station connection to control blinds and ventilation. A bridge on the second floor connects to the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center allowing physicians and researchers to seamlessly work together to better patient health.

Programming by Floor 

  • Floor 1: Auditorium and 90-seat classroom; Oncology Research
  • Floor 2: Infectious Disease and Immunology Research
  • Floor 3: Wet Lab Space and Dry Lab Space for Infectious Disease and Immunology Researchers; The Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Researchers; Burn and Shock Trauma Scientists and Clinicians
  • Floor 4: Cardiovascular Research and Public Health Sciences
  • Floor 5: Wet Lab Space and Dry Lab Space for Cardiovascular Researchers and Public Health Sciences
Quality Support Team Collaborates on Multiple Mock-Ups

Our team constructed mock-ups of the enclosure system, structural steel and metal panels for performance testing and a casework mock-up to establish expectations for the interior finishes.