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United Airlines
Fujikawa Johnson Gobel Architects
Craig Dugan Photography
O'Hare International Airport
Project Duration
3 Months

The goal of the C10 gate adjustments is to accommodate either one wide-body or two narrow-body aircrafts at the same time.

We also installed new walkways to connect to the jet bridge. Four new caissons support the walkway and jet bridge.

To execute the move, the existing jet bridge was lifted approximately 20 feet off the ground by a crane and set atop A-Frame supports while the existing rotunda, columns and haunch supports were removed. After erecting the new rotunda, columns and haunch supports for the new gate, the jet bridge was moved to its new position and attached with anchor bolts.

This project took three months to complete around active airport operations. 

Early Investigations Provides Efficiency and Cost Savings

Site investigations led to the identification of an active electric duct where a caisson needed to be. In order to mitigate the costly removal and relocation of the electric duct, our team suggested shifting the location of the caisson to avoid interference. Managing the shift in the most efficient and timely way resulted in significant cost savings.